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Bengal Cat / Kitten Information

What is a Bengal?

Family Bengal CatIn 1963, Mrs. Jean Mill crossed an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) with a domestic cat. Later, around 1970, Dr. Willard Centerwall also crossbred them to study how to prevent feline leukemia, something that does not affect the wild Asian Leopard Cats. Once his studies were completed he gave some of the cats to Jean Sudgen Mill because of her earlier interest in breeding in 1963. She began breeding the female offspring with a leopard-like street cat found in India. Within a few years she had a successful breeding program underway. Once the Bengals reached F4 their friendliness and affection have exceeded expectations. In 1986 TICA began to accept Bengals as a new breed of cats and now they are frequently Exhibited at shows.

Is a Bengal a Good Fit for Your Family?

Yes, they are wildly beautiful cool cats, but it’s important to understand their behaviors before you invest in one of these exotic leopard cats. They are highly intelligent and naturally curious creatures, which makes them easy to train. If you don’t have time to play with your kitten you may come home to find they have unraveled your toilet paper. Spending a little time with your leopard kitten will ensure that they don’t get too bored. They are avid hunters so don’t be surprised if they bring you a weekly present. Fly catching is especially fun to watch. As adults, these cats will often perch on the highest areas in the room. If coming home to find your Leopard Cat sitting on top of the refrigerator is a problem for you, then a Bengal cat may not be the right fit for you. Well known for their love of water, don’t be surprised if you find them hoping in the shower with you and standing off to the side. If you purchase a cat water fountain, you will find they will splash in it and use it often. While they are highly energetic they also enjoy cuddling up with the family at the end of a busy day of playing. If you think that a playful, rambunctious, inquisitive leopard cat sounds like a good fit for your family then you may want to consider purchasing one of these exotic creatures.

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