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Queen Cameo a Pure Breed Bengal
was studded with King Socrates.

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Bengal Kittens for Sale

King Socrates is a Rosette Brown Bengal and TICA registered. He has a sleek golden-brown rosette coat and has produced many healthy beautiful kittens. As Socrates approaches retirement we will soon be bringing home our own little Prince! Expect to see updates about him soon. ┬áKing “Socci” typically produces more males than females. If you are interested in purchasing a TICA registered kitten now is the time to be placed on our wait list. Contact Us.

Once the Bengal kittens are born, we will contact you to set up an appointment to come by and meet the litter. We also offer live video chats in which you can participate as we interact with the kittens for sale. We place different colored collars on the new born kittens so remembering which one you want is easy.

Bengal Kitten Care

We recommend you spay or neuter your kitten when they are around a year old for optimal health, waiting too long could allow bad habits to form, such as marking and spraying to draw a mate.

We feed our cats a high-end high protein dry food 75% of the time and give them wet food the other 25%. The dry food is better for satiety, their teeth, and weight maintenance. The wet food is just to break up the boredom and they can hear a can crack from the other end of the house.

Bengal Kittens

Bengals have nice sleek tight pelts and for that reason you won’t find shedding or hair around the house- so that’s a big plus! If you or someone in your family is allergic to cats you may or may not be able to tolerate Bengal cats. I am personally allergic to cats, but Bengals don’t bother me. I have a pretty serious allergy to cats as I can walk into a home that has a cat and my eyes begin to itch and then within minutes I’m sneezing and blowing my nose. I’d recommend you take some time and hold and pet the kittens to be sure you won’t be allergic to your new baby.

Bringing a Bengal kitten into your home is a big investment. Due to their rare and unique wild leopard look and hypoallergenic tendencies they are an expensive breed. Bengals are active and inquisitive which requires more human interaction than with your typical house cat.

Playful Bengal Kittens

The more you play with your Bengal kitten the more loving and friendlier they will be as an adult. Pets are always a big investment and not something to be taken lightly. Having said that, you can bet the energy put into a Bengal kitten pays off with all the laughs and smiles they will bring into your life. Just last week, our girl Chloe, came strutting thru the cat door with a big proud look of triumph on her face. As I looked closer, I could see something gripped between her teeth. She marched right over and delivered her prized possession. It was a huge dead leaf. I’m assuming she must have had to chase it down as it was a pretty windy day. Realizing what she had and how proud she was just cracked me up and folks that’s not something to downplay these days. We can all use a few more laughs and these adventurous Bengal cats can do just that.

Kitten Pictures

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