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Bengal Cat Hypoallergenic

Bengal cats are listed as hypoallergenic which means that those that suffer from allergies are less likely to be bothered by these cool cats. Their tight sleek pelt may produce less dander or hold fewer allergens. I’m extremely allergic to cats, but so far none of our Charleston Bengals have been an issue. I’m not even bothered holding them close for long periods of time. Having said that, it is still possible that some people do have allergies, so be sure and visit the kitten before you purchase it.

Bengal Cat Food

You will want to feed your kitten a high-end wet or dry food.� If your cat is being fed well, you may notice they protect their food bowls. If they have sub-standard, low-end food, they will not seem to care who sniffs at their food bowls. Feeding your Bengal kitten a high-quality food will ensure they are happy and have a sleek shiny pelt. You may have read about Raw food diets for cats which seem closer to nature.� In other words, a wild or feral cat would eat mice, birds, rabbits and small reptiles.

Our Bengal Raw Diet

If you plan to give your Bengal cat raw food then you must use care that what you prepare is well-balanced to include 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% organ meat, egg yolk, specific supplements and vitamins. If you are truly intent on raw food check with your vet to be sure your recipe is well balanced and safe. Once you confirm it’s the correct recipe consider making a large batch and freezing it in ice trays or small bags so that you can remove a few at a time to defrost as needed. A word of caution- making raw food is time consuming so if you have a busy schedule this may not be a good option. You don’t want to go back and forth as the bacteria and acid in their gut will change. Decide what works best for you and stick with it. If you do go raw food, you can purchase it at certain pet stores and online.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

We never cage our Bengals and they are free to come and go throughout most of the house and can access the back-yard enclosure thru the cat door. The back yard has a waterfall and several bird feeders which always bring around a lot squirrels and birds. Bengal cats are great hunters and will sit for long periods of time just watching the birds feed and splash around.

Bengal Cat Toys

When it’s cold or rainy outside our family enjoys using the toy birdie to play with our Bengal cats. It is well known in the Bengal community that these birdie toys are a favorite. So much so, that they will often tear them up quickly as they jump and reach for them. Bengal kittens are fun to watch as they will often do back flips and leap thru the air chasseing these birdie toys. You will be surprised some of the funny things these Bengal kittens will do. My daughter loves to play chase as they will run after her and then try to sneak attack, but always in a playful way.

Cat Toilet Training

We have started working with our Queen Cameo on using the City Kitty toilet training kit. We will update you as she progresses, and our goal is that she will be able to use the toilet. This will be great because it saves money for litter and saves time scooping out litter boxes. If we master this skill we will certainly be trying it for the Bengal kittens. Feel free to inquire and look for future videos as they relate to our Charleston Cattery and Queen Cameo.

Cat Health

At Charleston Bengals, we believe in the Florence Nightingale approach to good health. Nightingale believed in good nutrition, fresh air and sanitary conditions to decrease disease and promote health of the body and soul. Charleston Bengals tries to emulate the best conditions for healthy happy Bengal cats and Bengal kittens.

Don’t forget Charleston Bengals is located on a barrier island so there are plenty of beaches and tourist activities for you and your family. You could even make this a vacation and leave with the best souvenir of all, a beautiful Bengal kitten.

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